Free shipping

Free Shipping Policy:

  • Free Shipping discount: Free shipping is offered exclusively for orders that exceed a specified minimum amount. However, this benefit is restricted to standard delivery. If you opt for expedited delivery, it will not be eligible for free shipping. 
  • Exclusions: Free shipping applies only to standard shipping methods.Orders with expedited or fast shipping options are not eligible for free shipping unless explicitly stated otherwise in promotional offers.
  • Fast Shipping: If you opt for fast shipping, please note that delivery charges will apply. The free shipping offer does not extend to expedited delivery options. Please pay the R200 in the link below and send the POP to There is no Free Fast Shipping when there is a Fress Shipping Special.

Fast Shipping Service: Our Fast Shipping service guarantees prompt delivery of your order for a fixed fee of R200.00ZAR.

 If Fast Shipping is not paid for and POP is not sent we will send your order with standard shipping.

Shipping Schedule:

  • Orders placed before 13:00 (1:00 PM) local time from Monday to Thursday will be shipped the next day and received the following day.
  • Orders placed after 13:00 (1:00 PM) will be shipped the day after, with delivery on the subsequent day.
  • Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be processed the following Monday for delivery on Wednesday.